‘It’s Going to be a Bloodbath’: Kit Harington Says Lot of Main Characters Will Die in Season 8

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Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, talked to Deadline about the events of season 7 and what can we expect from season 8 of the show. First, Harington says that we should expect some ‘serious fighting’ in the upcoming season:

“I think it’s got to end with some serious fighting. You have to presume that that Army of the Dead is going to take a little while to get south, but we just don’t know. So it’s a hell of an ending because it’s the thing that we’ve all been waiting for, they’re now south of the Wall.”

He also talks about that Dragonpit meeting between a lot of major characters and the fact that majority of those characters had either never met before or hadn’t seen each other in a very long time:

“I think the major part of that episode, which really was really strange for all of us as actors, was being in that dragon pit and everyone being there just facing each other, like every character. I say, it’s more for us as actors with every actor in the series that we’d ever thought about working with. You have to try and remember that a lot of these people knew each other by rumor, but had never met. So I, or Jon Snow, had no idea what Cersei looks like …well, I had from the first episode of the first season, but no idea how she is, how she interacts, how she works. So that was a major thing for the episode and the series.”

Harington’s favorite part of the season 7 finale (The Dragon and the Wolf) was his character’s one-on-one with Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen):

“I think that the really poignant bit for me, my favorite moment really in the episode, just on a personal level, was I was getting to work with Alfie Allen again and do the scene with Theon where they meet in the Dragonstone throne room. I love that scene because I love what Alfie does with his character. I’ve loved his journey this season. I think that’s just really interesting to look at how those characters and the journeys they’ve been on since they interacted in that first season. Now here they are as men, and what’s changed, and what they’ve been through, and I think was a really interesting thing to play with me for and Alfie.”

He also feels that eight seasons, no more no less, are the right amount of time for a show like Game of Thrones and that he expects to do a lot of fighting in the upcoming season:

“I think if it had ended this season, it would feel too short. I think if it went on any more seasons, I would be sick of it. To me, now, it feels like the right amount of time for a show like this and the right amount of time for this kind of job. So I’m just looking forward to getting stuck in it for the final season. I know I’m going to have a ton of fighting. I’m sure I will, and I love that, so I’m going to really get stuck into that and do it and enjoy being knackered every day.”

Harington agrees that the characters felt kind of safe in season 7 but things should change in the upcoming season and we can expect that a lot of major characters will die in season 8:

“With so few characters left, they (the viewers) should get used to and get ready for next year is Thrones returning to form and killing its main characters quickly. They’re going to go, and they’re going to go fast, and I think that the payoff of our characters not being in great peril this year will be that, next year, it’s going to be a bloodbath.”

He also praised Aidan Gillen’s performance as Littlefinger and that show will definitely ‘miss him next year’:

“That scene with Littlefinger is going to be one of the standout scenes of the whole of Thrones, in my opinion. I don’t think they will be expecting it, because he somehow feels immortal. There were rumors early on that Littlefinger would be the one on the throne at the end, you know. Looking at it, it really comes back to what the root of Thrones is, seeing someone face their own mortality and see who they really are in that moment. I think, you know, we see this terrified little worm come out, and actually, I felt sorry for him. I felt for him, you know, and it was incredible, beautiful acting from Aidan Gillen. I think the show will miss him next year.”

And finally, Harington hopes that fans have gotten used to the fast pace of season 7 and should expect the same in the final season of Game of Thrones:

“I think this has been a lot of like holding of breath this season, a lot of kind of huge amount of adrenaline that they’ve gone through, more so than most. You know, usually, there’s a lot of around-the-table talking and small cogs, slow cogs moving into place. That’s what we’re used to from Thrones. Then out of nowhere, we hit them with this very, very, very fast-paced, incredibly adrenaline-filled season where everyone meets, and a lot of things happen, and the dragons go batsh*t crazy. I hope that instead of it being a slow roller coaster, I think that they’ll have enjoyed the pace that it’s picked up on, and then they’ll now know what they’re in for for the last one. They’ll now be used to this Thrones, which is a slightly different Thrones, but one where it always had to end. It had to end on this massive level.”



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