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Variety recently released a list of highest paid Television actors. Check it out:

The list doesn’t include all the actors as this is just a survey and not a comprehensive catalog. So if you are wondering why Sophie Turner (Sansa) and Maisie Williams (Arya) from Game of Thrones are not included, Variety just didn’t have information on their salaries. It doesn’t mean that they are earning less than $40,000 per episode.


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  1. I’d rather see all of them at an annual salary estimate, since with members of both casts at $0.5M/episode, the GoT cast is making ~$4-5M each for their 8-10 episodes per season, while the Modern Family cast is making ~$11M each for their 22 episode season. And that’s not even considering a the difference in running time of each episode of the two shows.

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