Game of Thrones Just Told Us Something Very Important About The White Walkers

Over the course of six seasons of Game of Thrones, we have learned about White Walkers in dribs and drabs. The first two seasons confirmed their existence & threat and then season 3 showed us that they can be killed by dragonglass. In season 4, we saw that the Night King can turn a human baby into a white walker. Next season showed us that they can be killed by Valyrian steel & how they raise the dead and in season 6, we learned about their origin. And now in episode 6 (Beyond the Wall) of season 7, we got some vital information on how they can be defeated.

The moment arrived when Jon Snow & his team ambushed a group of White Walker & wights and when Jon killed the White Walker, most of the wights also perished. This means that if you kill a White Walker, the dead that he raised also die. And who has raised the most number of wights? The Night King himself. This makes it a pretty simple equation for Jon- Kill the Night King and The Great War will be over. Although that’s easier said than done.

How will Jon Snow & his A-team use this information to their advantage? We will probably have to wait until the final season to find out.

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