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HBO Spain made an error and released the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones season 7 live on their website for few hours. The time was enough for pirates to capture the video and release the unaired episode online. This leak is even worse than The Spoils of War leak because that episode was released only in standard definition [360p] but the upcoming episode has been leaked in all three versions- standard and high definition [720p and 1080p].

Moreover, The Spoils of War was leaked 2 days before the scheduled airing and episode 6 has leaked 5 days before it officially airs on HBO. Though the earlier leak didn’t have much impact on the ratings for HBO & Game of Thrones, this one should definitely cause a few problems for the network, considering the hype surrounding the episode and the fact that it has leaked so early and that too in high definition.

Will you be watching the leaked episode or will wait till Sunday when it officially airs? Do let us know in comments.



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