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The scene between Gilly and Sam in episode 5 (Eastwatch) of Game of Thrones season 7 revealed a major information about Jon Snow, Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

During the scene, Gilly asked Sam the meaning of the word ‘annulment’ which he explained that it’s the ending of a marriage. Gilly then read from a book that an annulment was issued to Prince Rhaegar by the Septon and he was then married to somebody else in secret, in Dorne.

Though this doesn’t reveal all but it is safe to assume that after Rhaegar annulled his marriage to Elia Martell, he married Lyanna Stark which means that Jon Snow was not born out of wedlock (HBO has already confirmed Rhaegar as Jon Snow’s father).

And the guy just petted a massive dragon, like it’s no big deal! So Jon Snow is not only a Targaryen but as a male, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, which also trump’s Daenerys’ claim. To conclude, what Jon & Daenerys have believed all their lives is incorrect- The former is not a bastard and the latter is not the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.



  1. Uuuuuhh call me a bit stupid but im a bit confused, but since rhaeghar died before his father, and before jon was even out of the womb, wouldnt the throne actualy go to daenerys instead? Since rhaeghar never actualy had the throne to begin with the dae would actualy have a stronger claim to the throne? Since she is infact a child of the last targeryen king and by now we are pretty much ignoring the agnatic succession laws considering 2/3 serious contenders for the throne are queens and sansa is the figure-head ruler of the north.

    1. In the great lands of Westeros, males are still the inheritors of choice. If indeed Rhaegar’s annulment to Elia of Dorne was completed and he married Lyanna Stark, who then bore Jon Snow, Jon would have a stronger claim on the throne because he is a true-born male heir, not a bastard as a result of Lyanna’s “rape.” If Jon was actually raised in the Targaryen house, like Viserys and Dani, the succession would go Viserys/Jon/Danaerys. The oldest male child is first in line, followed by his male children, then the next male child and his line (think Prince Charles>William>George>Harry, if you will). NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, knew Jon’s father was Rhaegar. If anyone would have suspected, he would have been hunted and killed, like all the other Targaryens.

      1. In trully, Jon comes before Viserys, because he is a Rhaegar’s trueborn son. The line is Mad King > 1st son > every Rhaegar’s sons > every Rhaegar’s grandsons and Viserys would be a king just in case Rhaegar had no more direct heirs as sons and grandsons and lineage like this…

      2. Jon still would have been ahead of Viserys. Otherwise when Robert still had the throne Stannis would have been next in line as successor not Gendry or even Joffrey (even though he wasn’t his true son.) But that wasn’t the case. Once Robert died Gendry was next in line for the throne instead of Stannis or even Joffrey. This is why Eddard wrote “rightful heir” as Robert’s last “will and testimony” because he knew that Gendry was his true son and rightful heir to the throne.

      3. Gendry was NOT next in line because he is a bastard and bastards can’t inherit unless they are recognized and decreed, much like Ramsay Bolton had to be.

  2. “Gilly then read from a book that an annulment was issued to Prince Rhaegar by the Septon and he was then married to somebody else in secret, in Dorne.”

    Actually, I believe the quote was that he IMMEDIATELY married someone after the annulment, as in, at the same time as the annulment, by the very same maester.

    Given the history/timeframe of all involved, there would have been no reasonable possibility that he married anyone except Ned Stark’s sister. Course, Ned likely died not even knowing that Jon was the legitimate heir. He didn’t have time to learn before Lyanna died.

    1. You missed a scene… when “young ed stark” went to the tower to rescue his sister.. she whispered something in his ear before she died … now obviously we dont know what she whispered .. but odds are it was about jon ..otherwise you have an extremely honorable man saying he cheated on his wife.. which isn’t something he would do.

      1. Oh, I didn’t miss that. 😉 But, we don’t know if she just said, “take care of him” or “please forgive me” or who knows what. Saying that she said, “I’ got married before I got knocked up!” – may be a stretch in those few seconds she had.

    2. Howland Reed was also present at the Tower of Joy (he was the one to stab Arthur Dayne in the back) and its been hinted that he also knows the truth, along with Ned (and now Bran).

      1. See below – and it’s hard to say if they actually got the information about them being married or just that Rhaegar was the father (willingly, not by rape) … plus, the key point is now – even had Ned somehow got that information, it likely died with him.

        They key will ultimately be the written book, Jon able to tame dragons and… magical DNA samples? 😉

  3. I knew this a long time ago. YEARS AGO!
    “A song of Fire and Ice”
    Think about it? It’s a romance novel between Jon SNOW, and Dany mother of dragons FIRE!
    And even their looks. Jon dressed in black, and Dany is white.
    It’s all symbolic.

  4. Jon is not the rightful heir because he’s a male, but due to being Rhaegar’s only living son. The line of succession would crown Rhaegar’s living children before his younger sister.

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