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Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn on Game of Thrones, talked to about that epic battle from the fourth episode (The Spoils of War) of season 7 and the loyalty of his character towards Jaime & House Lannister. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

HBO: What is Bronn and Jaime’s relationship at this point?

Jerome Flynn: There’s an element of frustration in terms of how he’s being used. Jaime is talking about Bronn as if he’s his right-hand man with this elevated status, but Bronn is still getting tasked with dirty work. Bronn even tells him to go back to King’s Landing, but he sticks around and then makes Bronn basically go on a death run; it pisses Bronn off. Nobody’s going to be happy to be told to ride through that battlefield with the dragon ahead.

HBO: What was it like finally seeing the sequence all put-together with the dragon?

Jerome Flynn: I was surprised when I was watching it. I spent weeks on that sequence, but I was on the edge of my seat, the adrenaline was running — they really nailed it. Although since the day the battle aired, I’ve been a little unpopular, I have to say. My postman won’t speak to me because I shot the dragon.

HBO: What do you think of the fact that fans have been torn over which side to root for?

Jerome Flynn: How brilliant is that? And that’s Tyrion’s perspective, standing there. He’s got Daenerys when she gets shot down, and then his brother is who’s trying to kill her; Tyrion can’t win, really. But that’s part of the brilliance of where we’ve got to in the story after seven years of that character investment.

HBO: Bronn keeps insisting he’s just in it for the money. Does he have any personal stakes with the Lannisters?

Jerome Flynn: His personal stake is there, in that that’s where his debts lie his dream-future is in Jaime’s hands. And that’s what motivates him in the episode. The relationship he has is with Jaime, and he knows there’s enough loyalty there to be rewarded quite handsomely in gold. He’s looking out for himself.

HBO: Does Bronn still have more allegiance to Tyrion than Jaime in some way?

Jerome Flynn: It’s a different kettle of fish. He doesn’t have total disregard for Jaime, but he has a bond with Tyrion that’s hard for him to ignore. And the connection they’ve made with their sense of humor. If Bronn’s got a fondness for anybody in the world, I’d say Tyrion is probably close up there. He sees him as an underdog like himself.



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