Jon & Daenerys ‘Are Starting To Be Attracted To Each Other’: Game of Thrones Showrunner

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Game of Thrones showrunner David Benioff talks about that cave scene in episode 4 (The Spoils of War) of season 7 and reveals that Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen are starting to get attracted to each other, despite the tension on both sides:

“There’s tension on two sides. One is the political where Jon Snow has his own very specific purpose here on Dragonstone, and that’s to get the Dragonglass and, if possible, to convince Dany to fight with him. And Dany has her own very specific purpose, which is to get Jon to bend the knee. There’s conflict and it’s conflict between powerful people. And then to make it even all even more complicated, they’re starting to be attracted to each other. And so much of it is not from dialogue or anything we wrote, it’s just the two of them in a small space standing near each other and us just watching that and feeling the heat of that.”

Check out more in the video below.


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