Emilia Clarke: ‘I Don’t Know Who Jon Snow Is… King In The What?’

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Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke, who play Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, talk about the big meetup between their characters in the third episode (The Queen’s Justice) of season 7. You can watch the video above or read the transcript below:

Harington: It’s such a loaded thing, for these two people to meet, you know. To people, the audience, who have been following their separate stories for such a long time.

Clarke: What? I don’t Know who Jon Snow is! No one’s been chatting about him! King in the what? No, that’s now how this goes.

Harington: I love that scene. I loved doing it. I loved it on paper. I loved- it had a comedic quality to it, you know. He walks in.. They.. Him and Davos walk in with no entourage. And then he’s announced (after Missandei announces the presence of Daenerys with all her titles), and they haven’t even really decided what he’s called, yet. The world’s colliding, and you realize the difference between these worlds.

Clarke: She’s ready for it when he comes in, but she tries to do her diplomatic thing first. They don’t like each other and Daenerys’ gonna be like, ‘This is where it’s at. You don’t know- I have dragons.’

Tyrion trusts Jon. He’s letting Daenerys know that right now, yes, she has dragons, yes, she could just invade and do whatever she wanted, but ultimately, she needs allies.

Harington: But again, Jon just gets down to the practicalities. For Jon, his objectives hasn’t really changed. He’s still got the army of the dead to deal with, that’s his one focus.

Clarke: She sees his kind of noble choices and his clear-headed.. kind of ideas of what is that he needs for his people and what he believes to be right, and it’s an attractive quality of her because it’s something that she also agrees with. I hope the fans see a kind of realization of what I think they’ve all been maybe waiting for… is for these worlds to be collided.


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