Gemma Whelan (Yara): Theon ‘Has PTSD’

Gemma Whelan, who plays Yara Greyjoy on Game of Thrones, talked to Newsweek and reflected on the events of second episode of season 7, where we see her character being captured by her uncle Euron and her brother Theon jumping off the ship to save his life instead of trying to save her’s:

“She feels betrayed, but I think she gets it. The one thing about Yara is that she loves her brother. She’s really upset at this point that they’re defeated, and she sees that he gets spooked and has no choice [but to save himself]. I think she feels utterly defeated in every way. This isn’t what they set out to do, and now the wheels have come off. She has a lot of fury and anger toward Euron. And she was about to get some below deck—so she’s pissed off about that as well.”

Whelan also spoke about Theon and agreed with many fans who think Theon’s reaction was not at all surprising as he does suffer from a post-traumatic stress disorder:

“I think people have made some really good points on social media. I follow what people say…. It’s true: He has PTSD. He gets spooked. He can’t do anything to help her at that stage. I don’t know if he has the thought, ‘If I quit now, I can save her.’ I think he does have PTSD, and afterwards he will be pissed [off] at himself. He might do something about it…. You never know.”

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