John Bradley (Sam) on That Jorah’s Surgery Scene

From an extended poop montage in season 7 premiere to cutting rotten flesh from Jorah’s body in Stormborn, Sam’s doing all the disgusting things one can imagine on Game of Thrones. Speaking to THR, John Bradley, who plays the role, revealed that he was very happy of the way the scene panned out and to be involved in something that is essential to both Jorah & Daenerys’ storylines:

“I was very, very happy [when he first read the scene]. I knew it would be another memorable moment, and a visceral moment, as you say — something that people are going to have a strong emotional connection to, and something people would be talking about. I was happy to be involved in something that was essential not just to my plot but also to Jorah’s storyline and how it impacts the Daenerys story. It was nice to feel like a part of that and the wider landscape and story.”

He further added:

“I was really happy for Sam as well. He’s taking matters into his own hands. He’s being brave. He’s defying authority. That montage you saw with him last week was very sad, because he feels like he’s wasting time and he’s not being put to good use and he feels like he’s betraying his promise to Jon, all of these things. He’s not having a positive effect on things. Then he had that dragonglass moment at the end of the first episode, and now he has another moment here where he can save somebody’s life.”

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