“‘That’s Not You’ is a Direct Reference to What Arya Herself Said to Her Father” in Season 1: Game of Thrones Showrunner

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss talk about that much awaited reunion between Arya Stark & her direwolf Nymeria and how that scene was a throwback to a moment in season 1:

Benioff: This scene harkens back to season 1. We last saw Nymeria when Arya made her run away ’cause she wanted to save Nymeria’s life. She knew Cersei was gonna kill her if she found her and when she finally finds Nymeria again, or Nymeria finds her, and she of course wants her to come back home with her and be her loyal companion again, but Nymeria’s found her own life.

Weiss: ‘That’s not you’ is a direct reference to what Arya herself said to her father when her father painted this picture of her of the life she could have as the lady of a castle and marrying some Lord and wearing a nice frilly dress. Arya is not domesticated and it makes total sense that her wolf wouldn’t be either, and once the wolf walks away, at first she’s heartbroken to have come this close, then she realizes that the wolf is doing exactly what she would do if she were that wolf.

Benioff: There’s so many of these scenes where there’s a lot of visual effect elements and all, but it all ultimately comes down to, can the actor pull it off in a close up? And that’s what Maisie does at the end of that scene.

Check out more in the video below.

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