Melisandre’s ‘Still on The Path of Jon’: Carice Van Houten

Melisandre returned to Game of Thrones in the second episode (Stormborn) of season 7 and LA Times caught up with Carice van Houten, who plays the role, and asked her some questions about her character’s story arc this season. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

LA Times: When Melisandre told Daenerys of the prophecy of “the prince who was promised” and Missandei clarified that it was not a gendered pronoun so it could also be a princess, was the implication that Melisandre thinks Dany is “the princess who was promised”?

CVH: I think she’s still on the path of Jon and just knows that they have to meet in order to … God knows, but she’s on Jon’s track.

LA Times: Do you ever wonder, “Hey, Lord of Light, make up your mind”? First, it was Stannis; now it’s Jon.

CVH: Yes, of course. I think she’s asked herself that many times. Last year was a disaster for her. The moment that she found out the burning of Shireen actually did not do anything, in fact, it completely [messed everything up], and that made her whole world fall apart really, and her whole character was hugely affected. So, yeah, she’s gone through a lot of …

LA Times: She’s also caused some as well in service of her lord. Do you envision her ever losing her faith completely?

CVH: I totally feel like she’s way more vulnerable and transparent than she ever was and way more about bringing the right people together, even if it means she has to go back to Dragonstone and might even be seen by Jon Snow. It’s tricky, everything she does now. I feel like she’s so much into doing the right thing at this point after making this huge mistake, even if it means it will hurt her.

LA Times: Do you think Melisandre will live to see the end, to see the Lord of Light’s prophesy come true?

CVH: As you know, I don’t know anything. I wish I did. But I, personally, think she is a little bit going towards the end of her journey.

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