Being Reek’s Gonna be a Part of Theon ‘For The Rest of His Life’: Game of Thrones Showrunners

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff & Dan Weiss reflect on the events of the last episode (Stormborn) of Game of Thrones season 7 where we see Euron capturing Yara as his prisoner and Theon jumping ship to save his life instead of saving his sister:

Weiss: You’ve seen Euron talking the talk and this is where we see that this guy isn’t all talk, that this is somebody who can actually do the things that he’s bragging about. I love the sequence and the whole sequence is paid off in full by the looks that those three (Yara, Theon & Euron) give us.

Benioff: To us, that was the most important part of the whole scene. So, there’s weeks and weeks to shoot this battle and all the visual effects and everything, but the most important part for us was just those close-ups at the end.

Weiss: We’d maybe fooled ourselves into thinking that Theon was out of the woods on his whole Reek experience, and as we were writing it, we realized that you just don’t get over what happened to him, that’s something that’s gonna be a part of him for the rest of his life and this is a place that triggers the worst of that experience.

Benioff: When Euron has his sister, and Theon can try to rescue her, you know, against all the odds, he can’t do it. Just the look on her face, that look of being betrayed and the look on his face, he’s falling apart again.

Weiss: As much as anything, to see Euron’s pure, psycho glee at watching this happen between the two of them and when Theon jumps overboard, that laugh is the character’s encapsulation.

Check out more in the video below.

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