Pilou Asbæk: Euron Wants to Keep Yara ‘For Fun’

Game of Thrones‘ official website makinggameofthrones.com chatted with Pilou Asbæk (Euron Greyjoy) and asked him about that epic battle at sea, where we saw Theon jumping off the ship to save his life and Euron capturing Yara as his prisoner. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

HBO: What’s running through Euron’s head when he sees Theon jump overboard?

Pilou Asbæk: He knew it. You can hear it in his laughter. He wants to break Theon down and see the humiliation. Or, even better, he wanted Theon to stand up for himself. Because why doesn’t Euron kill Yara? He should kill her! Or he should kill Theon. I think he wants them to become what’s in their blood: a king or queen – a Greyjoy. That’s more interesting than just wanting to slaughter them.

HBO: What are his plans for Yara?

Pilou Asbæk: I think he wants to keep her for fun. I think if Yara is dead, she’s of no use. He wants something to negotiate with, always. That’s the reason why he’s not 100% evil. I think for him, it’s about the game. He loves the game more than he loves the result.

HBO: Euron has been compared to Joffrey and Ramsay. How does he measure up to other villains on the show?

Pilou Asbæk: Joffrey and Ramsay were the essence of pure evil. I don’t see Euron as pure evil. My job is not to walk in the same footsteps as those actors. My job is, with Dan and David, to create a new kind of villain — a villain you actually think, “You know what, you’re such a f**king douchebag, but you’re f**king awesome.” Leading up to the sea battle, this is a completely different Euron than the one we see in the Throne Room. This is the guy who doesn’t give a s**t. This guy feeds on blood.

HBO: Can you tease what’s next for Euron for the rest of the season?

Pilou Asbæk: I can tell you one thing: it’s going to be better and better. [In the] next episode, he’s going to be a f**king brutal man.

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