Hot Pie Actor on His Game of Thrones Return: ‘It Was a Really Big Shock’

Game of Thrones season 7 episode 2 (Stormborn) saw Arya reuniting with two companions from her past- her long lost direwolf Nymeria and her old traveling companion & the arguably the best baker in seven kingdoms- Hot Pie. Ben Hawkey, who plays the role, talked to EW and revealed that it was a big surprise for him when he got a call to come back on the show. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

EW: When did you find out you were coming back to the show?
BH: [Last August] I think. It was a really big shock. I wasn’t expecting to be coming back at all.

EW: I assume they swore you to silence about coming back? Because even the online rumor mill has been silent about this.
BH: Yeah. They even gave me a code name on the emails. I really couldn’t believe it. I didn’t see any need for it, especially after watching it. I was like, “What could they want with Hot Pie?”

EW: What was your reaction when you read your script?
BH: It was really nice. It’s like a perfect little Hot Pie scene.

EW: What was it like working with Maisie again after some years apart?
BH: It’s interesting because we’ve both grown up quite a bit. I was just about to say we’re no longer immature but we both still are!

EW: Do you hope to come back again for the final season?
BH: I’d be happy to come back. But if not, that’s good as well.

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