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Game of Thrones season 7 premiere director Jeremy Podeswa spoke to THR and discussed shooting Samwell Tarly’s citadel scene and also revealed that the whole poop montage was originally much longer than what we saw:

“It was an amazing experience, actually. It’s a really complex montage. I had done it in a previous season with the corpse washing montage with Arya at the House of Black and White. That’s something we all felt really good about. In David and Dan’s minds, they made a connection between me and montages, even though tonally these two are very different. But I love doing it, generally. It’s something where you go into the cutting room with an idea of what it might be, and then it’s really finessed and made manifest for real in the cutting room. It was very complex both tonally and practically because there were so many different sets and component pieces. Many of these sets only appear really for this montage: the mess hall, the infirmary, the privy, the washing room … so many different elements that had to be built. It was quite an extravagant achievement, and an extravagant thing to even contemplate going in. It advances the story somewhat, but it was very much a character piece, really. It’s a very much uncharacteristic for the show, but one that was very satisfying to play with and try. We wanted it to be very telling about his life and what the Citadel is all about, and also to be funny and to play with that tone a bit. The editor did a first assembly of the scene, which was about seven or eight minutes, because there was so much material. It was too long but it was hilarious. (Laughs.) I was very pleased that it was so funny and that it did everything it needed to do. It said a lot about the Citadel and Sam’s life, but it had that extra thing that gives the audience that extra bit of pleasure.”


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