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Game of Thrones co-showrunner David Benioff talks about sibling rivalry between Jon & Sansa in the season 7 premiere and the threat of white walkers beyond the wall:

“Jon Snow, the bastard, is declared King in the North whereas Sansa Stark, who is actually a Stark, she is just left to the side. And I think there is a little bit of resentment of that. She feels like she’s responsible for in many ways for winning the Battle of the Bastards ┬ábecause she’s the one who got the Knights of the Vale to come North and join the fight. She feels like she hasn’t gotten quite enough credit for that. And she also feels that sometimes Jon’s a little bit naive. It’s not so much that he (Jon) dismisses Cersei as a threat long term but right now the imminent threat is the Night King and the army of the dead. Winter has come and he knows that makes travel very difficult. The idea that Cersei’s gonna lead a Lannister army up this far north which has never been done before or which is probably beyond her capabilities- it doesn’t really concern him.”

Check out more in the video below.


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