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Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss reflect on the events of season 7 premiere where we see Hound undergoing a change as a human being and also seeing visions in the flames:

Weiss: One of the moments I loved in episode 1 is Rory’s performance as The Hound where he sees the body of the farmer and the little girl he left to die and turns out they die in a very unpleasant way. He shows you the changes he has undergone as a human being. Seasons ago, he never would have thought burying the bodies of some people that he somehow felt responsible for.

Benioff: He mugged the guy and you know, stole his money and left them penniless on the brink of winter. So I think he’s dealing with this unusual emotion of guilt which he’s not really experienced with and the only thing he can really do is bury their bodies and try to say some words over their grave. He doesn’t believe in religion. He doesn’t like religion anyway but he can’t deny the facts of what he’s seen. He’s seen Thoros raise Beric from the dead.. so for The Hound, he wants to know what this God wants. Part of him hates it because he thinks these people are fanatics but at the same time he can’t deny the truth of what he sees and part of that truth now is seeing these visions in the flames.

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