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Yes, that was Ed Sheeran singing in Game of Thrones season 7 premiere. Sheeran played the role of a Lannister soldier, whose singing caught Arya Stark’s attention as she later joined their rabbit party for dinner.

Sheeran’s cameo was confirmed in March by showrunner David Benioff who explained why they chose him to cast on the show:

“We knew that Maisie was a big fan of Ed Sheeran and for years we’ve been trying to get him on the show so we can surprise Maisie. This year we finally did it.”

The song which Sheeran sang was actually sung by Tyrion in the books (A Dance with Dragons):

“He rode through the streets of the city / Down from his hill on high / O’er the winds and the steps and the cobbles / He rode to a woman’s sigh / For she was his secret treasure / She was his shame and his bliss / And a chain and a keep are nothing / Compared to a woman’s kiss / For hands of gold are always cold / But a woman’s hands are warm.”

Game of Thrones has previously featured cameos from famous musicians/band including Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol, Will Champion from Coldplay, Of Monsters & Men, Sigur Rós, and Mastodon but Sheeran’s role as a Lannister soldier singing for his fellow soldiers was probably the most noticeable.

Fans on Twitter joked about the singer’s cameo with some suggesting that Arya should kill Sheeran’s character.

The artist also acknowledged his role on the show and posted few pics on his Instagram account.

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Throwback to the time I was a Lannister

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