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Rory McCann, who portrays The Hound aka Sandor Clegane on Game of Thrones, talked to The Hollywood Reporter (THR) about the scene where his character is seen digging a grave for the farmer and his daughter. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

THR: It was a great Easter egg for the fans of the book, seeing Sandor as the gravedigger…

McCann: What’s an Easter egg again?

THR: Essentially a wink and a nod to the fans, in this case to the theory that Clegane didn’t die in the Riverlands, but was instead serving as a gravedigger on the Quiet Isle.

McCann: Yes, that’s right. That was the general theory. I think it was definitely a nod, which is right. There was a rumor when the Hound went away that he would come back as that gravedigger. It was a wonderful moment.

In the books, Elder brother (leader of the Quiet Isle) tells Brienne that he found Sandor Clegane (Brienne vs Hound never happened in the books). He claims that he spoke to Sandor briefly before he succumbed to his wounds. However, he seemed to have a lot of knowledge about Sandor’s history, mind, soul and personality, which could mean that Elder Brother was not completely honest or was speaking metaphorically.

Also, a character named Gravedigger is mentioned in the books, who lives on Quiet Isle, and is said to be a large man who covers his face with a scarf. He has similar injuries as The Hound’s and is seen petting a dog. Sandor’s horse Stranger is also present on the island. These hints have led many readers to believe that Gravedigger is actually The Hound. And now Game of Thrones has shown Hound digging a grave which almost confirms the theory.


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