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Euron Greyjoy paid a visit to the Lannister twins in the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, asking Cersei’s hand in marriage and proposing an alliance between the two. Pilou Asbæk, who plays Euron on the show, spoke to EW about what his character will be like this year:

“He’s kind of a joker type. He doesn’t take anyone too seriously. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. You have a character in the books but you also have to make it personal. So where he’s much more like a demon in the books, he’s much more f—ing enjoying himself here. I want to show a guy who just loves it. Those psychopathic sociopaths I’ve met in my life are smiley and well-mannered and they’re the biggest pricks in the world. It’s fun to do a character who’s a fun ride.”

Asbæk also thinks that his character changes with every scene he is in:

“Every scene he’s a new guy. The guy you met on the bridge is not the guy at the Kingsmoot, and is not the guy you see with Cersei and is not the guy you see on the ship. He’s different he’s different with different people. This season he’s more charming. He’s much more f—ing enjoying himself. He’s such a f—ing idiot douchebag, an impolite selfish child.”


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