Game of Thrones Season 8 May Not Air Until 2019

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HBO programming president Casey Bloys was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly and was asked if season 8 could be delayed until 2019. Bloys didn’t say no and replied:

“They have to write the episodes and figure out the production schedule. We’ll have a better sense of that once they get further into the writing.”



  1. This is awful. This is partially a result of George Martin not finishing his last book. HBO then has to rely on the television writers to finish the series.

  2. Ridiculous. Fan theories should just be incorporated into the last season and drop Martin if he can’t keep to a schedule. Shouldn’t accept a contract you can’t fulfill. Very unfair to loyal fans who have stuck with the series throughout the delays, short seasons and episodes. Now, 2 yrs? How many viewers will still even be interested by then?

    1. Well, as a book reader who’s been reading the books since 1996, I don’t think a 2 year wait is that long, …
      You’re talking about unfair and loyal fans?

      The guy has been sprouting out other books and visiting cons and such instead of actually finishing his bleeding work.
      Loyal fan, ….

      1. Books are a different medium and can’t be compared to series TV. I was a fan who waited ten yrs for the final Dark Tower book (unfortunately). If you sign a contract for a TV series then you should be prepared to follow through. Just saying. Could lose a lot of fans who move on to other obsessions.

      2. True, TV-watchers are much more fickle.
        But e.g. Westworld also has its fan waiting 2 years.
        I think D&D will get away with it.
        Besides, everybody involved in this project is prolly loaded, as long as a percentage of the merchandise is included in their contracts :p
        And I can feel you on the Dark Tower, I was reading Wheel of Time, … :'(

  3. well this is terrible news for GoT in general because by 2019 Wheel Of Time’s TV-Series will be out and not many people will be that much hyped to wait for GOT and will move on from it me personalty will be the first now is their perfect time to wrap up s7 and give us next year s8 till all eyes are fixated solely on GOT more or less when the Night king falls and we figure out who will sit on the Iron throne in the end there isn’t really much more story to be tolled witch fill fill no more than 1 more season after s7 end

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