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Iain Glen, who plays Ser Jorah Mormont on Game of Thrones, recently spoke to Stuff NZ about his character’s appearance on the show. Glen tells us that it was easier to show a normal looking Jorah rather than an ‘ugly’ Jorah falling for Daenerys:

“I don’t think I bear any physical resemblance whatsoever to the character that George R R Martin described in the books on which the series is based. I think he was a very dark-haired, wiry man with an ugly face – I’m not saying I don’t have an ugly face – and I think quite short and stocky. But they probably thought it would be good if you could see why (Jorah and Daenerys) might get it together. If you had an ugly stump of a man who had no chance whatsoever and was fairly repellent then it would be harder for them to tell that story.”


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