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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones, was recently interviewed by The Daily Beast and was asked to comment on Jaime & Brienne’s relationship which currently seems like ‘the most mutually loving relationship on’ the show. Coster-Waldau replied:

“It’s built out of contempt, which has turned into real respect, and love—not that they would ever use that word. I think they feel very strongly for each other. I have no idea if they would ever be able to act on it, and I don’t think they would. It’s all been about Cersei his whole life.”

He also spoke about his character’s incestous relationship with his twin sister Cersei Lannister, admitting that so far for Jaime, there has been no other option but to support Cersei, no matter how evil her actions have been but with her latest wildfire stunt, that might change:

“Jaime’s addicted to something—almost institutionalized by a situation to where there is no other way. For Jaime, there is no other way. He’s been groomed since he was 15 that, whatever his life is, it starts and ends with Cersei. He has to accommodate her. He’s done that his whole life, and he’s reached a moment now where he suddenly has to address it.”


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