‘Sansa’s Had to Face Harder Choices’: Game of Thrones Creators Compare the Stark Sisters

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At the Game of Thrones‘ SXSW panel, showrunners David Benioff & Dan Weiss were asked to compare the Stark sisters in terms of who’s had a tougher time on the show. Benioff said:

“Arya’s a rebel, and I think people are drawn to people who rebel against whatever the societal structures are. For me though, Sansa goes on one of the most interesting journeys; She doesn’t start out as someone who is really sharp, shrewd and tough, but she becomes that person. Arya is kind of always there, which is what’s great about her, but Sansa had to get there by painful experience.”

Weiss added:

“I think Sansa’s had to face harder choices. With Arya there’s always a pretty clear path of: What’s the cool, badass thing to do? Sansa’s choices, in a way, feel more real, and resonate more with not black and white, but gray experiences.”


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  1. Topic is kinda stupid cause Sansa makes no choices, every chose is allready made by someone else. It’s Arya who tries to survive and makes choices that effect other peoples lives, “Weaselsoup” , three deads Red God ows her etc etc., so Sansa sucks as in books!

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