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George R.R. Martin has dropped another huge hint at a Game of Thrones spinoff. Writing on his blog, Martin revealed that he is having an extremely busy month and ongoing discussions with HBO have been partly responsible for it:

“There’s been the huge new Wild Cards deal, the Wild Cards reread, lots of stuff with HBO that I cannot talk about yet, and of course — always, always — WINDS OF WINTER.”

The ‘Wilds Cards Deal’ that Martin wrote about refers to the television series being developed by Universal based on the anthology series of the same name. In a comment to the post however, the author clarified that he won’t be involved in the development of the show:

“Wild Cards is being developed at Universal. Since I am exclusive to HBO, I cannot be involved. My hope is that the powers to be at Universal will do a faithful adaptation of the books. With twenty-three volumes in print, hundreds of stories and more characters than I can count, they certainly have a wealth of material.”

Game of Thrones fans however will be interested in Martin’s comment about ‘lots of stuff of HBO’ which he currently can’t talk about. With HBO publicly showing interest in a Game of Thrones spinoff, it is likely the author is talking about the same thing.

Regarding the much awaited sixth book in the A Song of Ice & Fire series, Martin confirmed that he’s ‘always always’ working to complete The Winds of Winter. He even responded to one of the comments which asked if he is suffering from a ‘professed writer’s block and whether collaborating with another writer might help him speed up things:

“Professed writer’s block? Uh… no. Never professed that. I don’t have ‘writer’s block.’ Never said I did. What I do have is ‘too much to do.’ An entirely different problem. I collaborate with more than forty writers on WILD CARDS. I collaborate with HBO and David & Dan on GAME OF THRONES. I collaborated with Lisa Tuttle on WINDHAVEN, with Daniel Abraham and Gardner Dozois on HUNTER’S RUN, with Gardner on our various big cross-genre anthologies. I even collaborated with Elio & Linda on the worldbook, A WORLD OF ICE & FIRE. But A SONG OF ICE & FIRE itself? No. Never have, never will.”

One reader suggested that a ‘fun’ vacation might help Martin to which he replied:

“Take some time off and have some fun? Y’know, one thing I’ve realized about myself… WORK is fun for me. I am lucky that way, I know. Lots of people hate their jobs, and love to get away. But I get restless lounging on a beach. Part of me gets itchy to be home at my computer. I don’t need rest. I just need more hours in the day. Oh, and more energy would help too. I do get tired more quickly than I used to…”


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