‘If I Could Run The British Empire For a Day I’d Give Scotland Its Independence’: Daniel Portman

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Scottish actor Daniel Portman, known for playing Podrick Payne on Game of Thrones, wants an independent Scotland, especially after the Brexit, which saw the United Kingdom voting for exit from the European Union. He told reporters at the Empire Magazine Awards:

“If I could run the British empire for a day I would give Scotland its independence. I am absolutely for it with the kind of mess we are in now. I am very vocal about it. But everybody is entitled to their own opinion.”

Scotland held an independence referendum in 2014 and 55% of the voters chose that Scotland remains a part of the UK. However, post Brexit, there is a possibility that a new independence referendum may pan out differently.


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  1. There is no British Empire and Scotland voted to stay in the UK in 2014, you idiot.
    Likewise the EU wants to become a United States of Europe. So independence within the EU is an oxymoron.

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