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The funeral of UK’s tallest man and Game of Thrones & X-Men actor Neil Fingleton, who died of heart attack last month, was attended by hundreds of mourners. The 36-year old, 7ft 7in tall Fingleton was probably best known for playing Mag the Mighty on the hit HBO fantasy show and the Fisher King monster on Dr. Who.

He also played professional basketball in US before taking up acting. The service took place at Durham Cathedral where Fingleton was tributed as a man who ‘touched the lives’ of many.

Canon Alan Bartlett, who is from Fingleton’s Gilesgate church told BBC that he remembered him as ‘a politely spoken and gracious man who just happened to be a bit taller than most of us.’

Fingleton was confirmed as UK’s tallest man about 10 years ago. His friend Phil Giarrusso added:

“The value of a person’s life is not in the things you accumulate, but the quality of your relationships, and Neil touched the lives of all of us.”


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