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Game of Thrones has had some pretty gruesome death scenes. Some of which were pretty expensive to shoot. One would guess the Red Wedding or Oberyn Martell’s death to be the costliest but turns out they weren’t. During the SXSW’s Thrones panel, showrunner David Benioff revealed to audience that the demise of Meryn Trant, when he had his eyes stabbed and throat slit by Arya Stark, was the most expensive death scene till date.

When asked the reason to why it was so expensive, Benioff simply replied: “She couldn’t really poke out his eyes”. Check out the full scene below.



  1. What a pointless article. I mean if you make an article about the most expensive murder-scene in GoT you should tell us WHY. Why it was so expensive, which kind of job require a scene like that, not just a comment of the producer.

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