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We last heard of any filming related news for Game of Thrones season 7 was when Emilia clarke announced her shooting wrap on Instagram. Since then, it hasn’t been clear if that wrap was just for her or the entire cast.

Well now we know it wasn’t! Because the show production team just landed in Calgary, Canada, where they film wolves against a giant green screen (and make them bigger in post production).

And that’s not all! Maisie William was also spotted in the city recently. Check out the snapshot of this fan tweet (now deleted):

There’s more. The arrival of Maisie coincides with the Instinct Animals for Film’s wolves filming and there’s a brand new Wolf in the mix. Check out the snapshot of the group’s posts (also deleted) from their Instagram account:

The white one is Quigley, who plays Ghost and the other one looks perfect for Nymeria. 

So, is Arya finally reuniting with her long lost direwolf? Well, the evidence certainly looks solid. What do you think, readers? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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