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Jason Momoa, known for his portrayal as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones and Aquaman in DC Extended Universe, recently spoke to CBS about his new Netflix period drama Frontier, which follows Declan Harp (Momoa), a blood thirsty outlaw hell bent on taking revenge on the man who raised him but also killed his wife & son. Momoa insists that the show has a ‘Game of Thrones vibe’ and fans of the hit HBO fantasy series will definitely enjoy it:

“Just being a dad and husband — if I ever lost those things I’d really be a pretty horrible man, especially if someone took them from me, so I’ve never played anything like that. If anyone did something to my family — the first six episodes, you find out some pretty horrible things and maybe that’s why you side with him. It has that “Game of Thrones” Drogo vibe. You’re not going to like me much in the beginning but you’ll find out what he’s made of and root for him.”

He adds:

“Game of Thrones viewers will definitely tap into it. I mean it’s definitely got that vibe to it. One hundred percent. It’s kind of a thing where [fans will say], ‘Game of Thrones is not on for next year. That’s okay, Frontier is here. Khal Drogo’s dead but he’s not — he’s on ‘Frontier.’ I do some pretty bloody stuff. He speaks English so you can understand a bit more but it’s pretty savage. The time period is savage.”

Check out the trailer for Frontier below.


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  1. I watched the first season it was very addictive I can’t wait for more. And Jason is fantastic. .xxx

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