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A recent post on Reddit asked the hypothetical question: What would happen if United States Army arrived in Westeros?:

[EVERYTHING] A brigade of U.S. Army soldiers vs The Game of Thrones universe from gameofthrones


One redditor dots a complete takeover, of course with some minor conflicts:

One user provides a solution to the White Walker problem:

Redditor Durumbuzafeju thinks that modern technology is just too good for the medieval Westeros:



  1. I can only presume that the vast majority of these comments are from Americans based on their undying and overly optimistic appraisal of their armed forces capability. The reality is somewhat different and any US force is far more likely to go the way of Rob Stark’s army, let alone standing any chance against the White Walkers (nil). Comparatively primitive forces with no air force or navy (to speak of) and a fraction of the manpower defeated the USA in Vietnam. Westeros would do even better and annihilate the USA within a year.

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