Mahershala Ali Recalls His Terrible Game of Thrones Audition

Mahershala Ali, best known for his recent roles as Boggs in The Hunger Games, Remy Danton in House of Cards & Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes in Luke Cage, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and recalled his failed Game of Thrones audition for the role of ‘merchant who gets locked in a safe’ (Xaro Xhoan Daxos):

“I think my audition guaranteed that I wasn’t almost on Game of Thrones. That was one of the worst auditions of my life. I’d gone in for this casting director before, and I felt like I had two other wonky auditions with her, but I was really prepared this time around.”

So what went wrong? The chair! Ali had practiced some leaning power moves but unfortunately his seat in HBO office was a backless stool. He added:

“So, I’m kind of sitting there with my feet halfway off the ground, a little bit stiff during the audition, and then she goes, ‘Wow, you gotta loosen that up, that was really stiff. That was a problem.’ So it was because I didn’t have a back to my chair.”

Check out more in the video below. (If the below video is unavailable, click here)

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