Game of Thrones: Hand of the King Card Game is Brilliant

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“Okay, ‘ruining friendships’ might be a bit strong, but things do get heated when we play A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King in the office,” writes Luke Lancaster of CNET in his review of the card game:

“It’s a tabletop game that works a bit like a competitive sliding puzzle. You and your opponents/co-workers/ex-friends move the Varys tile around a 6×6 grid, scooping up family members belonging to the Great Houses of Westeros. Whoever has the most members of a given House controls it, and whoever controls the most Houses wins.

If it sounds really easy to play, that’s because it is. It’s also diabolical once you start making short-lived alliances, moving to block your opponents and thinking as many moves ahead as you can without losing the plot completely.”

You can learn more about the game, including detailed rules and FAQ, on the official website here.


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