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We earlier shared some images and videos from the Game of Thrones set which showed filming of a huge battle sequence between Lannister & Dothraki soldiers. Now we have another set of pictures giving us more insight into the scene:


According to rumours, the battle is between the Lannisters & the Targaryens and happens after Jaime Lannister & his army defeats the Tyrells and takes control over Highgarden. In this scene, they are on their way back to King’s Landing when they are attacked by Dothraki soldiers in an ambush. A dragon is also rumored to be part of the battle. If you want to read more about this scene and other major spoilers, click here.

Images Credit: Hoy, LosSieteReinos


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  1. i do see the amazon women dragons could have burnt the wagons jamie would only have a small force i dought he could stand upgaist the tyrells the boltons where beaten most of amry was gone by the time he got back to kings landing what your seeing is wildlings and sand snakes mopping up

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