Meera Reed Actress Revisits Jon Snow Twin Theory

jon-snow-meera-reedBefore season 6 aired, a popular Game of Thrones fan theory was making rounds on the Internet that Lyanna Stark gave birth to twins- Jon Snow & Meera Reed. The evidence was their same age, curly hair and presence of Howland Reed at the Tower of Joy. In fact, Ellie Kendrick, who plays Meera, stated last year that she’d have loved to see this theory come true.

However, during the season 6 finale, we only saw an infant Jon Snow at the end of Tower of Joy scene, possibly ending the hopes of fans who were backing this theory. Kendrick, though, is still hopeful that there is definitely some mystery to Meera and Jojen’s parentage. She tells Huffington Post:

“Game of Thrones always surprises us. I’m always surprised! I never have any idea of what’s going to happen next. I never rule anything out. It (Tower of Joy scene) seems quite conclusive in terms of Jon’s parentage. I don’t know. We’ve still never really seen where Jojen and Meera [Reed] have come from. We know a little tiny bit about her father. We don’t know anything about her mother, really. So yeah, I’m excited to find out who her parents are and what the situation is.”

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