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got-characters-spoiler-alertWe earlier reported the news of two different sets of major Game of Thrones characters reuniting after they parted ways in season 1. Now we have reports of another major reunion – The Stark Children, confirms Watchers on the Wall:

“Our sources reveal the three Stark siblings will reunite —That is: Sansa, Arya and Bran. Just as I’m sure we’re all itching to witness, it will all be quite happy and emotional… For a while. There will be conflict between Sansa and Arya. Their life experiences have been poles apart since they last saw each other: Arya always had a more rigid moral code, and though the Faceless Men tried to stifle it, instead they strengthened it; Meanwhile, Sansa has learnt to be more pragmatic —The treacheries of the court and Littlefinger’s realpolitik lessons left their mark on her. Having developed very different perspectives, Sansa and Arya will clash over the matter of ruling. Sharing their experiences would help them sympathize and understand each other… Yet they won’t, at least not initially. Upon noticing this sisterly split, Littlefinger will jump at the chance to take advantage.”


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