Here’s The Director Lineup for Game of Thrones Season 7

got-season-7-directorsEarlier this year, HBO announced the directors for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones but it was not revealed who will direct which episode(s). We now have access to this information, thanks to our friends at WOTW. Without further ado, here’s the director lineup for season 7:

Episode 1: Jeremy Podeswa

Episode 2: Mark Mylod

Episode 3: Mark Mylod

Episode 4: Matt Shakman

Episode 5: Matt Shakman

Episode 6: Alan Taylor

Episode 7: Jeremy Podeswa

nikolaj-coster-waldau-and-director-jeremyJeremy Podeswa is a Game of Thrones veteran and has directed 4 episodes in the past- Episodes 5 & 6 of season 5 (Kill the Boy & Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken) and first 2 episodes of season 6 (The Red Woman & Home). He has also directed episodes for Boardwalk Empire, True Detective, The Walking Dead, Dexter and Six Feet Under.

arya-mark-mylodMark Mylod has also helmed a total of 4 Game of Thrones episodes. He directed episodes 7 & 8 last season (The Broken Man & No one) and episodes 3 & 4 of season 5 (High Sparrow & Sons of the Harpy). Mylod’s directing credits also include Shameless (UK/US) and Entourage.

alan-taylor-thorAlan Taylor left Game of Thrones at the end of season 2 and had directed a total of 6 episodes by then- Final 2 episodes of season 1 (Baelor & Fire and Blood) and episodes 1, 2, 8 & 10 of season 2 (The North Remembers, The Night Lands, The Prince of Winterfell & Valar Morghulis). He has also helmed popular movies like Thor: The Dark World and Terminator: Genisys.

matt-shakmanMatt Shakman has not directed any Game of Thrones episodes so far and will be making his debut with episodes 4 & 5 of season 7.  Shakam was also a child actor in the 80s and his directing credits include It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Fargo, Mad Men and Six Feet Under.

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