Jack Gleeson on Playing Joffrey, His Game of Thrones Audition & Batman Begins

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jack-gleeson-joffreyHe was arguably the most hated character on television but his portrayal as the evil King Joffrey Baratheon on Game of Thrones won acclaim from fans as well as critics. Jack Gleeson recently spoke to Vulture and reflected on his role on the hit HBO fantasy show & how it felt to play such a vicious character:

“Thankfully, I’m not a good enough actor to believe the things that my character believes. When you go on to a set, you realize the very visceral reality that you see on the TV show is a product of a huge amount of processing and editing and storytelling that is not present at all on the day of the filming. You go and put your makeup on, put your costume on, wait in your caravan-trailer thing for an hour and then you go the set and you film for three minutes and then they change around the lights and the camera angle and you wait for an hour and then you film for another three minutes. It’s a very boring, tedious process. If you’re a really good actor, you can completely believe what you’re doing in those three minutes, but one is oneself for 99.9 percent of the day of filming. So for that .01 percent, you’re this other character. Anyway, I just kind of say the lines in a mean way. I don’t really get into the emotions too much, ’cause I’d probably go crazy.”

joffrey-funeralHe also revealed that he enjoyed his last day on set when he was lying down as a corpse in the Sept of Baelor:

“You know when you’re dozing off, and then you wake up and you realize that you were asleep, but you shouldn’t have been, and you kind of … [jolts]? I got like that. That was the one I enjoyed the most.”

The 24-year old Irish actor then shared details about his rather eventful audition:

“It was the scene, I think it’s in the very first episode, where the whole Lannister gang goes to Winterfell and Joffrey’s squaring up against Robb Stark. They’re talking about archery or something like that, and Joffrey’s trying to assert himself. I just remember Dan and Dave actually LOL-ing during my audition. I was like, Maybe they’re laughing at how bad the performance is. But I think they were laughing at how mean and cruel my portrayal was. Almost camp.”

Gleeson’s early role on Batman Begins and later as King Joffrey resulted in many popular memes

Gleeson also spoke about his role on Batman Begins and recalled an interaction he had with Christopher Nolan:

“I remember I was trying to act scared at one point. I obviously wasn’t acting very scared, so he was like, ‘Just imagine your sisters. Imagine them in danger and how that would make you feel?’ And I was like Ehh, I don’t really care about ’em.”


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