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** Possible minor spoilers and speculation ahead **

brienne-big-tree-call-sheetPhotographer Pap4u brings us this picture of Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) on Game of Thrones’ season 7 set. At first glance, this looks like a normal paparazzi shot but there is also a call sheet in the hands of the guy talking to Christie. And thanks to high resolution cameras these days, fans were able to zoom in and reveal some details present in the document.

big-tree-call-sheetThe episode is being directed by Jeremy Podeswa, who also helmed first two episodes of season 6 episodes- ‘The Red Woman’ and ‘Home’ as well as two season 5 episodes.

The name of the crew is ‘The Wolf Crew’- one of the 3 production units for Game of Thrones. The other units are ‘The White Walker Unit’ and ‘The Dragon Unit’.

The call sheet is for either episode 704 or 701. There is also a slash (‘/’) after the numbers. IMDB lists Podeswa as director for first two episodes of season 7. So it is likely for those episodes (701/702).

At the top, you can see the words ‘The Big Tree’. Could this be the title of one of the episodes? Bran Stark immediately comes to mind when we talk about trees. In season 6 finale, Benjen/Coldhands left Bran near a weirwood tree just north of the wall. There is another weirwood in Winterfell. So it could be a reference to either or both of those weirwoods. More visions probably?

Though unlikely, there is a chance that it could refer to another huge tree in Westeros. In season 2, Lord Commander Jeor Mormont visits an abandoned village called the ‘White Tree’ during the great ranging. The same village was visited by Sam & Gilly in season 3 when they flee after the Mutiny at Craster’s Keep and are later attacked by a White Walker (who sam kills with Dragonglass). In the books, Jon Snow notices a huge Weirwood tree in this village and even calls it the biggest tree he has ever seen. He also discovers human bones in the hollow of tree’s mouth.

Game of Thrones’ episode titles are mostly cryptic and it is hard to relate them with the actual plot until they actually air. Remember what happened with ‘The Door’ last season? If you have any theories as to what ‘The Big Tree’ could mean, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.


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