Charles Dance is Glad That BBC Didn’t Make Game of Thrones

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tywin-lannister-bbc-gotCharles Dance (Tywin Lannister) is happy that it was HBO who eventually made Game of Thrones alone and BBC was kept out of the show’s production. He tells The Guardian:

“The pilot they made was not that successful but HBO kind of nurtured it, thought there was mileage in this, and embarked on the first series. If that had been the BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation], they’d have pulled the plug on it immediately and I was told that there was a time when the BBC were going to be part of the co-production and thank God they weren’t, because HBO knows how to spend money, and it was HBO and Sky Atlantic. They think they can get a hundred dollars’ worth for spending 10. It’s crazy. I know a lot of crew people and indeed actors whose enthusiasm for a project is dampened when they know it’s going to be made by the BBC because they know they’re going to be penny pinching. It’s a pain in the arse and they expect crews to work on very minimal deals and less than their usual fee. It’s just stupid, you know? They pour money into junk reality television. I know it’s struggling, it really is, so when I say they’re trying to make $10 go as far as $100, it’s probably because they have very little choice, but having said that, if they have a choice between making a piece of shit reality television and a terrific piece of drama, I think they should go for the terrific piece of drama and let the commercial companies make their reality television.”

He also reveals that the high amount of nudity and violence on the show never concerned him:

“They screened the first couple of episodes of season one for a whole bunch of us. I didn’t come into episode seven or something in season one, so this was all stuff I wasn’t involved in but I wanted to see what the flavour of the piece was. So there’s all this rumpy pumpy going on, it was all doggy fashion, and I said to David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss], the two writers – and they’re also executive producers – ‘Well, obviously the missionary position didn’t come into vogue in the Seven Kingdoms for some time to come.’ They said, ‘We wanted it to be animalistic, Charles.’ I said, ‘Well, it’s certainly that! Wham, bam, thank you mam.’ I mean, if people are going to be offended by it, they can turn it off.”


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