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** UPDATE– A New video from set was released today which shows that filming has actually begun and Ser Davos & Tyrion will definitely share a scene together. You can watch it here. **

Game of Thrones will begin its Spanish leg of filming next week and we already have a cast sighting. As you can see in the image provided by El Correo below, Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) was spotted along with Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos Seaworth) on the Barrika beach in Spain.tyrion-davos

Dinklage was also earlier spotted near his hotel. (via @BORJAAGUDO on Twitter).tyrion-hotel-spain

Tyrion was near King’s Landing at the end of season 6. However, Davos was at Winterfell with Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) is also rumored to be in Spain currently and it will be interesting to see Ser Davos crossing paths with the Mother of Dragons and the Hand of the Queen. Tyrion’s Wildfire attack did wipe up Stannis’ fleet and more importantly Davos’ son during the Battle of Blackwater. So there might be some tension brewing between the two advisors when they meet up eventually.

More news comes @GOT Source on Twitter, which reports that Drones will be used for filming on the beach on Barrika. 

The beach is expected to be part of Dragonstone (Former seat of Stannis Baratheon and birthplace of Daenerys) and the place where Daenerys should set up her base before beginning her quest to reclaim King’s Landing for House Targaryen.

So, what is Davos up to? Does he have a message from the new King in the North? Or he just runs into Tyrion and Dany while visiting his former residence? Some rumors also suggest Harington’s presence in Spain. Will Daenerys & Jon finally meet up? Lot of speculation here and things should become clearer when filming actually begins next week. Feel free to share your theories in the comment section below.

** Update – More Spoilers Below **

– Daenerys and Jon meetup is also confirmed, thanks to a leaked set video. Click here to watch it.


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