Jon Snow to Reunite with [Spoiler], Daenerys & Co Will Meet With…

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** Spoilers Ahead **

jon-snow-king-in-the-northReliable Game of Thrones fansites Watchers on the Wall and L7R bring us these scoops. First, Jon Snow will reunite with someone who he last met in season 1- Theon Greyjoy. The meeting will not be taking place in the North but further south. So Jon will travel and encounter Theon at some point in season 7.

jon-snow-theonWe also have more info on Daenerys’ storyline in the upcoming season. It is now confirmed that she and her allies will arrive at Dragonpit and there is a scene where she will be speaking with Brienne of Tarth and Ser Davos Seaworth. Davos’ meetup with Tyrion at Dragonstone was also confirmed recently in a leaked set video, which you can watch here.

daenerys-brienne-davosThe Dragonpit, in the books, is described as a vast, cavernous structure, sitting atop Rhaenys’ hill in King’s Landing. It was used by Targaryens to keep their dragons. During the Dance of the Dragons civil war, about 180 years from now, the pit was destroyed and reduced to flaming ruins. Italica ruins in Spain is expected to be used as Dragonpit and Game of Thrones crew has already arrived at the location. Check out the images and the videos below.italica spain


** Update – More Spoilers Below **

– Daenerys and Jon meetup is also confirmed, thanks to a leaked set video. Click here to watch it.


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