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emilia-clarke-windy-videoGame of Thrones showrunners delayed the filming of season 7 to get shots of some real winter weather. And now we know what they meant. Check out this clip posted by Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) in which she braces a harsh and windy weather, while filming on a set in Northern Ireland.

“And then I fell over. Or rather a brisk 50mph N.Irish wind caught me unawares,” she wrote..

And the hashtags were even better “#gameofhowtostanduprightinagaleforcewind  #atleasttheviewmsdeitallworthiteh? #bitoftailwinddoesnicleyonadragonridethough…”

Watch the video below.

Meanwhile, Sophie Turner (Sansa) posted this from Paris Fashion Week.

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High-key obsessed

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And Maisie Williams (Arya) shared this adorable photo of her dog.

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Happiest of birthdays to my soul mate🐶 my life got significantly better once you wiggled into it. It got better because you lick my tears off my face when I cry, and I think that's you telling me that you love me, or that everything's gonna be ok, or maybe that you just like the taste of salty tears, idk, but it's cute🤔. You go through the washing basket and play with my pants when you're bored, and it makes me laugh EVERY. DAMN. TIME. You make me chase you around the whole flat🏃🏻at least twice, before you let me put your lead on, to take you for a walk (seriously tho, why do you do this? It makes no sense😭) again, it makes me laugh until I snort. And I like to think I also made your life a little better because… Well, I adopted you from the dogs home where you couldn't stop weeing on your little paws, I sneak you bits of chicken🍗 allllll the time, I sometimes let you sleep on my bed (my side of the bed🙄), and I basically let you do whatever the fuck you want in my flat because omg look at that face. So without eachother I think we'd BOTH be pretty lost🕵🏻 Adopting a dog was, hands down, the best decision I've ever made. #adoptdontshop P.S Theres a noiiiice sausage hidden in ya dinner. Grubs up, homeslice. 🍽

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