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megan-parkinson-kit-haringtonDaily Mail has recently been publishing pictures of a redheaded actress, spotted alongside Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Gwendoline Christie (Brienne), Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger), Liam Cunningham (Davos) and Daniel Portman (Podrick), and calling her Sophie Turner’s body double. Now, more evidence has surfaced and it seems unlikely that she is Turner’s body double, but could very well be playing an important role in the upcoming season.

The name of the actress is Megan Parkinson and she is 19 years old. She is from Yorkshire and is also a National Youth Theatre alumnus. Parkinson has also appeared on popular British medical drama series Holby City and will also appear in 2 upcoming movies- Our Loved Boy and To Walk Invisible.

Also, another photo of her has surfaced online which shows a member of the crew fixing a sword belt on Parkinson.megan-parkinson-sword-belt

Her costume seems very plain & northern and it is very unlikely that we will see Sansa wearing such a costume and that too with a sword belt. Also, Parkinson’s pictures with Kit Harington indicate that she is little shorter than Sophie Turner.

Her acting credits, costume and physical appearance have made us infer that she may not be Turner’s body double but a new character. So, if she is indeed playing a new character, what role could that be? We revealed season 7 casting calls few months back and there is one part that actually suits Parkinson:

“The first is a 16-year-old Northern girl. They’re looking for an actress with a northern accent to take part in what’s being called ‘a high-stakes scene with leading cast members.’ Her physical description isn’t specified, except for her needing to be white.”

And the same casting call also advertised a role for a 10-year old Northern Boy.

“The second role is for a 10-year-old Northern boy. He appears to be a part of the same ‘high-stakes’ scene as the teenage girl.These particular roles will be filming in September and October.”

And a young boy was in-fact spotted on the same set.unknown-boy-season-7

So, Northern accent. Check. Leading Cast Members. Check. White. Check. 10-year old boy. Check. September and October. Check.

So do these ‘northern girl’ and ‘northern boy’ have names? Alys Karstark and Smalljon Umber’s son maybe? What do you think readers? Do let us know in comments.

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  1. hope its not a sene from book 4 where lady stone heart hangs breanna tarth at a inn this where gendy has been and the men with no banners

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