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season-7-battle-spoilersEmilia Clarke recently teased about an upcoming battle in Game of Thrones season 7 and now we have more information on it:

** Spoiler Alert **

The whole sequence is more of an ambush rather than a battle.

There is a scene involving wagons carrying goods which will be attacked by enemy soldiers.

About 500 extras have been scheduled for this. Battle of the Bastards also used as many extras in season 6.

The conflict is rumored to be between Tyrion and Cersei/Jaime.

Involvement of the Dothraki & the Unsullied army is also expected.

There is a scene which will see a major character falling into the water.

At least one Dragon is rumored to be part of the conflict.

via L7R, WoTW


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  1. why are the dragons attacking the unsullied and they are at sea, don’t tell me the fish were too salty???????

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