Indira Varma (Ellaria Sand) Doesn’t Watch Game of Thrones, Calls Filming Violence ‘Boring’

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ellaria-sand-screamIndira Varma (Ellaria Sand) recently spoke at a Broadcasting Press Guild lunch, where she was asked to share her experience of filming violent Game of Thrones scenes, especially the one where Oberyn Martell’s head was squashed by the Mountain:

“It’s boring! It takes forever because they have to do so much coverage so they can edit it and add sound effects and make it even more disgusting.”

She has a point actually! Battle of the Bastards may have lasted about 30 minutes on screen but it took the show’s cast & crew a whooping 25 days to film the entire sequence. With multiple retakes and long waits, filming Game of Thrones scenes, especially the ones with violence, can become very tiresome for an actor.

Varma also admitted that she doesn’t watch the show but will see ‘it at some point’:

“I don’t have Sky! I am less interested in the end result, it’s in the doing. I will watch it at some point but I need a bit of distance…it’s embarrassing!”


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  1. This nutty bitch drives me crazy! She was there and saw what happened! She killed the Lanister girl for no reason! Oberyn volunteered to a fight to the death and would have won if he’d delivered a coup de grâce instead of dancing around the wounded mountain!

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