Sophie Turner Bashes Tabloid Journalist Who Bullied Emma Watson for Promoting Gender Equality

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rod-liddle-emma-watson-articleEmma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in Harry Potter film series, has been promoting gender equality and raising awareness about sexual assault on behalf of the United Nations. It is definitely admirable, what Watson has been doing for women’s rights, but Rod Liddle, a reporter who works for UK Tabloid The Sun, completely ridiculed her work in a recent article:

“HERMIONE GRANGER has been addressing the United Nations General Assembly. Nope, not kidding. The actress Emma Watson is a UN “Goodwill Ambassador”. What’s that, when it’s at home? I haven’t a clue. Anyway, instead of telling them all the rules of quidditch or how to turn someone into a frog, she bored them all rigid with whining, leftie, PC crap. Just like all actresses do if people are stupid enough to give them the chance. Why do we indulge these luvvie slebs, most of whom know nowt? I don’t object to them having views and expressing them. I just don’t understand why we take them seriously. I suppose they got Emma in because Angelina Jolie is a bit tied up with other stuff at the moment.”

Not only he addressed Watson as Hermione Granger but was totally dismissive (at best) of the good work she has been doing. The 26-year old British actress is yet to respond publicly to Liddle’s comments but has found support from many fans as well as other actors, notably Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones:

Fans of course loved Turner’s reply:


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