Maisie Williams Makes Fun of Beauty Commercials in This New Mobile Advertisement

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maisie-williams-beauty-commericalsMaisie Williams, the actress who portrays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, teamed up with the Three Network in this hilarious parody on how to banish black spots.

At first, you may think she is talking about the facial blemishes but instead, she is talking about the lack of mobile phone coverage. Which actually looks like the same thing for the current generation.

Maisie says, “Guys, let’s face the Stark reality, being a teenager’s hard enough. The last thing you need it the trauma of black spots.”

The video then flashes up photos of teenagers with spots as an American voiceover says, “are you struggling with indoor black spots? Global ambassador Maisie has been there too.”

Maisie Williams then adds, “While my friends were out partying. I’d just be stick inside feeling totally disconnected. There were times when I felt like the loneliest person alive.”

She concludes: “But I found a way to take back control –thanks to 4G super voice from 3Mobile, my black spots are history.”

Watch the video below:


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