HBO Spoiled Jon Snow’s Death for Andy Samberg

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andy-samberg-jon-snow-deathAndy Samberg, famous for his comedic roles on Brooklyn Nine Nine and Saturday Night Live,  recently appeared on Conan where he revealed that Kit Harington’s publicist spoiled Jon Snow’s death for him. Samberg was at that time working with Harington on HBO’s Mockumentary Seven Days in Hell and the network had not aired the season 5 finale yet:

“I learned it’s a little bit dangerous to work with people from Game of Thrones, because… I’m a huge fan [and] I don’t want spoilers. We got an email from the PR people at HBO and they were like ‘hey, great news; we’re going to run the first commercial for 7 Days In Hell after the Game of Thrones finale and there’s going to be tons of excitement around it because Jon Snow dies.”

Check out more in the video below.


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